How does this work?

Graphic indicating the old way of moving is with cardboard and the new to move is with reBOX

rent moving boxes?

When you purchase cardboard boxes, the intent is to use and discard them soon.  Just like a pizza box, you want what’s inside.  Why buy the box?

With reBOX, you rent moving supplies.  Expect more for your money and get totes designed to carry more weight, stack neatly, and generate zero trash.  Plus, delivery and pickup are included.  reTHINK your move and rent a better box.  You’ll love it!

Watch our short video for an overview of the process.  And if you are still thinking about the pizza we just mentioned, ditto.

packages available

A simple, turnkey box order based on the number of rooms in your residence.

get recycled plastic moving boxes delivered with pickup included. no empty cardboard box trash

How is rebox different?

reBOX plastic moving boxes include pickup and delivery    Convenient delivery & pickup

recycled plastic moving boxes have heavy duty strength    Heavy duty box strength

reBOX moving boxes are made of 100% recycled plastic    100% recycled content

Save money using recycled plastic moving boxes    Better value vs cardboard

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