Frequently Asked Questions

When does reBOX pickup my equipment after use?

You select a rental period and pickup day in checkout.  Our plan is to pick up on your designated day.   If you are done early and want us to get our equipment, then call or text.  We work to accommodate an early pickup.  Please keep in mind that package rentals include 1 drop-off and 1 pickup for the full order (including optional equipment).  Additional trips are available for $25/trip.

Extending a rental is common and reasonably priced.  To extend, the rental rate is $1.15* per piece of equipment per week.

For example, work got crazy and you have not unpacked after renting a 1 bedroom package (28 boxes) plus 4 wardrobes.  To extend the 32 pieces of equipment (32*$1.15 per week) is $36.80 + tax for 1 extra week.

*Commercial rate is $1.50 per piece per week.

In checkout, you inform us of the preferred day of delivery.  We will contact you prior to delivery to ensure someone will be at the delivery address to accept equipment.  At delivery we ask for a signature confirming all equipment has been received as ordered.

We love that you are interested to let us serve you!  Since we are a small business with no franchise area rules, we try to work with you. If you are outside of the service area then contact us to see what we can do.  An additional delivery charge may apply.

If you are OVER 50 miles away from us, for example, then we’re probably not going to be able to make it work.  It’s too far to drive and the one-way UPS charges to deliver a 1 Bedroom package are estimated over $150 (yikes) in addition to the regular price of the package.  reBOX is more of a local relationship – not a long distance thing.

Large reBOX with dimensions of 27 inches by 17 inches by 12 inches tall

The large reBOX will fit plates, skillets, pans, wine, vinyl records, and so much more!

XL reBOX showing dimensions of 28 inches by 21 inches by 15 inches

The extra large reBOX will hold larger kitchen appliances like a microwave or countertop oven. If you have a specific concern then email us.

A reasonable assumption is 8-10 boxes per room.  reBOX packages are designed with this in mind.  Through a lot of feedback, research, experience, and planning, we bundle moving totes together to make your move easier without the guesswork.  Learn more about everything moving boxes in our post.

Now, if you call yourself a ‘collector’ of sorts then maybe give us a call 😉 before you book.  We do custom orders for an additional cost.

YES.  You can trust we clean each piece of equipment by hand (not just the boxes) with disinfectant prior to reusing.  Moving may be messy but we’re not.

Accidents happen.  In our checkout process you must agree to the terms and conditions of renting our equipment.  Our equipment is sturdy but if something is damaged then you will be charged replacement cost for the item.

When you order a package then additional equipment on the order is for the same duration as the package at no additional cost (with a maximum of 4 weeks).  If you need the equipment longer, then please contact us to make arrangements.

Example:  You order a 1 Bedroom Package for 2 weeks and you also add a wardrobe to your order.  The wardrobe is assumed to be for 2 weeks at the listed price you see.

If your order consists of only equipment with no package (and therefore no timeframe designated) then the rental period is assumed to be for 1 week.  This is VERY rare since there is so much flexibility to add items with a package.

No.  We are a small business that is family owned.

We would love to hear from you, please contact us.

Yes!  The cost for additional weeks is $1.15 per piece for each week (7 days).

For example, you rent a 2 bedroom package for 4 weeks and would like a 5th week.  The cost would be $46 plus tax (40 boxes * $1.15) for the 5th week.

If you are interested in a longer term rental – say a couple months or more – rates can be negotiated.  Contact us for more information.

Once you complete the checkout process, a hold for your entire transaction amount will be put onto the payment method and will show pending right away.  Within 48 hours, reBOX will capture the charge.  This means the full amount of your rental will be collected regardless of when your drop off date is scheduled.  The delay gives us time to review the order to make sure the address is within the service area or address any other questions prior to capturing the charge.

For example, on January 10th you schedule a 1 bedroom package for 2 weeks rental with a drop off day of January 31st.  On or before January 12th, the full amount of your rental will be charged to the card used to book.

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