About Us

Our Story

reBOX was started to make a difference — eliminate waste from moving and replace single-use cardboard with a better alternative.

The idea came when a friend in another city moved and then raved about using totes instead of cardboard.  The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it.  Sounds wacky but the concept of renting moving totes gripped me — eliminating trash, providing a higher grade product, plus the challenge of creating a business — and here we are!

I aspire to leave a positive impact with our work.  After years grinding in corporate, I craved that responsibility.  There is more to give than yet another slide deck.  So the timing of a friend’s humble brag and the need to contribute more to the greater good began reBOX.  The first order happened about a six months later.


Today, every order contributes to the purpose and impact of less waste that we set out to accomplish.  Did you know that even recycled cardboard takes 75% of the energy to produce as the new stuff while using a lot of water and chemicals in the process?  Try moving your life’s possessions with high quality, sustainable boxes – try reBOX!

Our wish for you:  Move with purpose.  Save time and decrease stress by using better, sustainable moving products.

What We Do

Rent plastic moving totes for about the same cost of cardboard boxes (learn more) servicing both Dallas-Fort Worth and Northwest Arkansas.  Our totes are made of 100% recycled material and we recycle them at end of life after over 100 uses. We also offer eco-friendly moving products that can help make your transition easier.

Let’s do some good!