About Us

smiling woman pushing reusable moving totes on sidewalk with a dolly

A Better Way

I moved to a new place in Frisco, Texas a few years ago from Arkansas.  New beginnings.  New job.  New neighbors.  On day 2 of this wonderful new locale, there was a mountain of trash.  Used boxes, bubble wrap, and old newspapers strung about.  My first attempt to settle in was to gather everything and proceed to find the nearest dumpster (or recycling bin) but in the apartment it was full.  More like overflowing, borderline nasty.

Another idea!  I could share the menagerie of empty boxes that I had cobbled together with a new stranger on Nextdoor or Facebook.  Perfectly reasonable.  This extra effort to share was partly driven because of the guilt of throwing away (after just one use) these honorable boxes that carried my life’s possessions.  Turns out there are more givers than takers at the used cardboard social media swap meet.  Why would someone else not want to use these fine vessels?  The thought ate away at me a little on the inside.

As you can probably relate, it was at least a week before I had even broken down all of the boxes.  It was easy to throw the empties into the garage taking space but annoyingly reminding me:  we’re not done here.  Then another month passed before I could give away, recycle, or trash all of my used cardboard boxes.

Our wish for you:  Whatever moving solution you choose, the moving boxes stop consuming your new space after you unpack.  Excitement should fill a room, not boxes or trash.

What We Do

Rent plastic moving boxes for less than the cost of cardboard (learn more) servicing both DFW and NW Arkansas.  Our boxes are made of 100% recycled material and we recycle them at end of life.  We also offer eco-friendly moving products that can help make your transition easier.

The reBOX system is a convenient, affordable, and high quality way to move your things.  Better for you.  Better for the environment.  Better than the status quo.  You choose to move; make a change.  Let’s build some momentum.  Anticipate the satisfaction of a box-free space with little to no trash shortly after you unpack.  Ah yes, that feeling is almost as good as remembering on Sunday that Monday is a holiday and work can wait!

Two sustainable reBOX totes stacked holding 390lbs of weight and no crushing