Rental Period

Packages rent by the week. All other equipment is for the length of your package rental. A week is defined by 7 days. [Example: you rent a 1 bedroom package for 3 weeks which is 21 days. If you keep the equipment for longer, then on day 22 you will be charged $1.15* per piece of equipment per week unless another arrangement has been agreed in writing.]

If the customer has not returned the equipment after 30 days and has not made arrangements to extend the rental period then it will be assumed the customer would like to purchase the equipment and will be charged the full retail value of rental items on their order(s).

*$1.15 is the residential rate. Commercial rate is $1.50 per piece per week to extend the rental.

Additional Trip Charges

Infrequently, fees may apply to (1) orders with an address outside of the standard service area or (2) failed delivery/pickup attempts. reBOX executes one delivery and one pickup per customer service address. Multiple orders placed to the same address do not qualify for additional trips unless otherwise agreed in writing.

(1) Service area. If outside of the service area, the customer will receive communication prior to any additional charges — reBOX will seek approval before scheduling the equipment.

(2) Failed attempts are $25. reBOX communicates to arrange a time that works for the customer prior to equipment delivery or pickup. If a customer is not present to receive or return ALL equipment at the agreed time +/-15 minutes, then reBOX may charge for a failed delivery/pickup attempt to recover wages/tolls/time/gas expenses. [Example: you confirm via text on Saturday that reBOX can pickup equipment tomorrow at noon. On Sunday at noon, you are instead at a boozy brunch with no one at your address. The delivery/pickup cannot be made and a $25 charge will be charged for the failed attempt.]

Damaged or Lost Equipment

Equipment that is damaged or not returned will be charged to the card used for rental. Charges are as follows:

  • reBOX $25 standard/large size; $35 XL size
  • reBOX box dolly $75 standard/large size; $90 XL size
  • upright hand cart $120
  • wardrobe $70
  • quilted glass insert $50
  • moving blankets $5
  • bedding bags $7
  • clothing bar $25

Equipment Return

It is assumed that a Customer placing an order has direct possession of the equipment. He or she has the sole responsibility to return all equipment as agreed.

Customer acknowledges that an individual will need to be available at the delivery and pickup address to ensure all equipment has been delivered or returned as ordered.


reBOX does not sell or share your personal information for any reason unless there is a failure to pay for services.