Why use reBOX when moving?

The reasons range from a humble brag about not being trashy to using the F-word.  If you read down this list and still use cardboard then we know who you are.  The piles of used cardboard outside your door give it away.  We love you anyway.

For your reading pleasure below – the reasons that reBOX makes moving easier:

  1. Save time.  No taping boxes together or cutting them apart.
  2. We’re not trashy = no cardboard box trash.
  3. Convenience.  reBOX delivers to you assembled.
  4. The F word:  FREE.  Free delivery and free pickup.
  5. Organization.  reBOX nests neatly when empty with a space-saving design.
  6. Strength.  reBOX holds more weight than cardboard…by a lot.  Vinyl records, books, wine… pack it all easily.
  7. Better grip.  No-rip reBOX handles.
  8. Less wasted space.  Neatly cube a moving truck with the stacking capability of reBOX.
  9. Save money.  No tape/tape gun needed.
  10. More convenience.  reBOX is picked up when the move it over.  No clogged trash shoot or littered curb.
  11. Motivation.  Knowing you have a box pickup date means unpacking can’t wait.
  12. Sustainability.  reBOX is manufactured with 100% recycled content.
  13. Kindness.  Your rental supports local, small business.
  14. More trees.  For every 150 boxes rented, one less tree needs to be cut down for cardboard.
  15. Mindfulness.  Generate less trash with our sustainable products and let Karma work for you.


100% recycled plastic moving boxes for a studio apartment with box dolly