You have a lot of things around your house or apartment that can help you spend less on moving supplies.  Use these creative ideas to spend and waste less!

Tips for packing on a budget:

  • Keep and reuse your delivery boxes
  • Dish (and maybe laundry) towels are great for packing kitchen breakables
  • Rent a clothing bar instead of buying wardrobe boxes for your clothes
  • Suitcases for packing shoes
  • A clothes hamper for packing your hats or more shoes 🙂
  • Use dresser drawers as boxes – if your furniture is sturdy enough to move without drawers then wrap furniture wrap liberally around the drawers to covert them into moving boxes
  • Use paper yard waste bags to pack bedding/pillows (just make sure they don’t get thrown out as trash in the move)
  • Use your gym clothes, jackets/coats, or other thick material to wrap small breakables like decor or small lamps
  • Bedding like comforters can wrap mirrors, art, or maybe TVs (not our favorite solution but works)
  • Empty wastebaskets are great for packing toilet paper or extra bathroom supplies

There you have it.  A small but mighty list of ideas that could save you some cash.  Dare we say… a move in the right direction??

If you have the funds, then using reBOX will make your move better.  We rent, deliver, and pickup high quality moving supplies because take the stress out of moving.  Need a rigid box that can handle stacking up to 500lbs and keeps water out?  Yes, please.  Cardboard just doesn’t really float our boat but we have used a lot until now.  Amazon boxes roll into our house like a cool Summer breeze year round.  If you are looking for tips on how to acquire some free cardboard then check out our other content for more tips.