How do get the most out of reBOX?  We’ll offer some Maria Kondo ideas and some of our own.  As a prerequisite we have to assume you have tidied up your areas of clutter, donated unused or unwanted things to a good home, and are emotionally committed to finishing.  Now, time to get packing!

recycled plastic moving box is packed with bedroom dresser contents


Start with any ‘spare’ rooms that are less often used such as an office or spare bedroom.  You can start by removing everything from the wall and wrapping with furniture wrap and/or padding.  When you start boxing, go with the easy things like books, records, or files, and work your way into the odds and ends.

When you get to your bedroom for packing, consider removing the dresser drawers as-is from the furniture piece and wrapping them in furniture wrap with the clothes inside.  We prefer to box any items in drawers to maintain the rigidity of our furniture.  In that case, roll those clothes like you would a magazine or newspaper before you swat a fly.  Rolling jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and other garments will likely let you pack more into a smaller area.