How do get the most out of reBOX?  We’ll offer some Maria Kondo ideas and some of our own.  As a prerequisite we have to assume you have tidied up your areas of clutter, donated unused or unwanted things to a good home, and are emotionally committed to finishing.  Now, time to get packing!

recycled plastic moving box is packed with bedroom dresser contents

Start Small

Do you have any ‘spare’ rooms that are used less often such as an office or spare bedroom?  When you start boxing, go with the easy things like books, records, or files, and work your way into the odds and ends.  Getting that first box done starts the momentum.  Set a timer and stay the course for a couple hours to let the big Mo work in your favor.

It is good practice to do the hard things first, so after you have a little momentum the Kitchen should be at the top of your list.  Meal planning and paper plates for a day is a small nicety that helps keep you sane.

The Kitchen

This room is typically the most time consuming space to pack.  Go for the pantry or spices to feel productive if you like.  The bold packers will go right into the plates and glasses.  Use crush (wadded papers) at the bottom of the box to act as a shock absorber in transit.  Space is the enemy.  Any shifting is a chance to break something so use packing paper or towel to protect between anything breakable.  Check the weight of the box about halfway through packing because reBOX is so strong that it is easy to fill beyond 50lbs.  At that weight, the boxes could be less manageable for some people.  Movers will probably be equipped to handle heavy boxes with ease.  TIP:  Marking the cleaning supplies as an “unpack first” box could help at the new place on day 1.

The Bedroom

For clothes, roll them like you would a magazine or newspaper before you swat a fly.  Rolling jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and other garments will likely let you pack more into a smaller area.  Also, make sure to designate a couple of boxes to unpack first in the event you are tired and unable to unpack everything. As an alternative to packing, consider removing the dresser drawers as-is from the furniture piece and wrapping them in furniture wrap with the clothes inside.  Keep in mind that drawers within the piece could maintain the rigidity of the furniture better depending on your item.