The reusable wardrobe holds your clothes for easy moving.  Remember those expensive and bulky cardboard wardrobe boxes you bought that one time and then trashed?  Neither do we.  Because now you have a reliable and reusable option for moving clothing, coats, bulky ski gear, old Halloween costumes, and anything else on a hanger!  To hang more stuff, take a look at our clothing bar for your vehicle.  Plan for this wardrobe to hold about 2 linear feet of hanging clothing.

When you rent this remember that you have fantastic clothes!  Maybe too many?  Doubt it.  Too much sexy isn’t a thing.  But also donating some items before a move is smart.

Pricing is for 1 reusable wardrobe with metal crossbar.  Items to be returned at the end of your rental term.



This plastic wardrobe is sturdy with a metal cross bar.  Made in the USA with 5mm corrugated plastic.  The wardrobe is 4ft tall x 24 inches wide x 24 inches deep.  Packing tips:  Great for a few shoes at the bottom, hanging jackets, suits, dresses, clothes, and just about anything else you have on a hanger.  Made of reusable plastic.


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