If your 2 bedroom is around 1200 to 1500 square feet and you enjoy a walk on a cool Spring day then this is probably the package for you.

This package is designed to give you capacity to store your kitchen and 2 bedrooms with room to spare.

31 large boxes

9 XL boxes

1 4-wheel box dolly (fits only large reBOXes)



Zip ties and labels are included.

Large boxes are 2.3 cubic feet.  We are able to empty two dresser drawers or 2 kitchen cabinets into one box but results will vary depending on your packing style.

XL boxes are 4.0 cubic feet.  These are best carried with 2 people because of their holding capacity but a hand cart will get the job done too.

Rental Weeks

1wk, 2wks, 3wks, 4wks


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